Products and Services

FRUX PRIVATE BANK portfolio management solutions are suited for clients with personal investment requirements and objectives who wish to delegate the management of their assets to investment professionals.

The relationship between our clients and advisors is at the heart of our efforts. In order to accommodate your personal needs, you can choose from a wide range of mandates. We offer a selection of proven standard strategies with different risk and return characteristics and currency exposure, select niche strategies as well as fully tailored mandates.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK emphasizes the importance of understanding your overall investment situation, including your investment goals, risk appetite and time horizon, allowing us to determine an optimal asset allocation and to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

  • Active Advisory
  • Real Estate & Private Equity
  • Domiciliation Services
  • Structured solutions
  • Lending Solutions
  • Basic Banking Products
  • Compliance

If you like to make your own investment decisions, but appreciate comprehensive advice from a personal investment professional, FRUX PRIVATE BANK’s Active Advisory solution could be the ideal offering for you.

As a client, you can benefit from access to independent and unbiased advice, based on an open architecture philosophy, across various asset classes in both developed and emerging markets.

You remain the key decision maker for all your investments, while our experienced team focuses on the proactive identification of trading opportunities and profit taking situations. Moreover, our specialists provide strategic and thematic investment ideas.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK offers exclusive investment opportunities through carefully selected partners in the real estate space. Clients can co-invest in exclusive portfolios of existing or to be developed real estate projects in prime locations across Europe, in cooperation with experienced and professional partners.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK’s Domiciliation Services support you in acquiring or setting up a company structure through which you can hold an account at FRUX PRIVATE BANK. We can structure onshore and offshore companies, such as the Republic of Gambia, Chad, BVI, Panama Companies, Trusts, Foundations, and other structures.

For this offering, we partner with professionals who provide clients with structured and experienced support on audits, tax, accounting, financial engineering (CF Corporate Services) and regulatory consultancy.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK’s Structured Solutions offering comprises two very distinct solutions for investors and entrepreneurs:

For entrepreneurs, we help structure customized financing solutions in the private space. The solutions range from debt (such as arranging loan facilities) to equity (finding the right equity partners) or a combination thereof (such as convertible bonds).

For investors, we offer exclusive investment opportunities that we source through our contacts in various industries, exclusive partners or related companies worldwide. We carefully analyze these opportunities and perform due diligence on them. We only invite clients to invest if we are convinced by the investment case and the due diligence is satisfactory.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK offers a range of lending products allowing you to simplify your cash management or to use leverage for yield enhancement purposes. The standard lending offering comprises secured lending (i.e. Lombard lending), secured margin trading or the issuance of guarantees.

We also offer tailored and highly personalized lending solutions to meet the unique financing needs of high-net-worth clients by facilitating single stock loans, lending against non-liquid assets and unsecured loans. Private individuals or personal investment companies are examples of acceptable borrowing entities.

We also offer a range of pre-registered bonds that can be used as vehicles for external project financing.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK provides a full range of basic banking products. As a client, you can benefit from our outstanding client-service orientation and access to emerging markets and private investment possibilities. Our goal is to build up a long-term partnership with you, based on trust and appreciation. Every day, our people are committed to achieving this objective.


FRUX PRIVATE BANK is firmly committed to participating in international efforts to combat money laundering and the funding of terrorist and criminal activities.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK is a registered banking institute and supervised by the Business Enterprice Regulations 2013 of the Republic of the Gambia. In addition, FRUX PRIVATE BANK seeks to follow the Swiss Banker Association’s self-regulatory body codes of conduct which define what constitutes good practice and ethically correct management within the Swiss banking industry.

Switzerland is a member country of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and has enacted laws and rules designed to implement the anti-money laundering policies of both FATF and the EU. The goal of these laws is to detect and prevent money laundering and potential terrorist financing.

FRUX PRIVATE BANK implements an anti-money laundering (AML) program that is designed to comply with the required anti-money laundering rules as a minimum standard throughout the bank as well as with all local laws, regulations, and guidance relating to the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing, and related financial crimes. These include written policies and procedures.

As part of its anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist compliance efforts, FRUX PRIVATE BANK takes steps to ensure that it complies with any and all applicable embargo regulations. FRUX PRIVATE BANK uses its best efforts to ensure compliance with these prohibitions and restrictions and to detect suspicious activities. Depending on the jurisdiction and business line, FRUX PRIVATE BANK uses manual monitoring systems to detect potential suspicious activities. Any such suspicious activities detected are reported to law enforcement in accordance with applicable local laws.